Wednesday, September 1, 2010

RUTH "Mimi" FORD vs SNEAKY "Fight Dirty" LEDGE

match of the ages

ruth ford is a feisty woman. always has been.  ford has the reputation of being a 'fight to the death' type of gal. however 'rough and tough' she may appear she always appears in style and with class.

meet ruth ford aka mimi

ledge fights dirty. always has. he is known for tripping his opponents, catching them off guard, and frankly just isn't appealing.  he hides out in various locations.  he can be seen at your local supermarket, mall, hair salon, and various other places.  on this fateful day ledge was at the church.

ford approached ledge with grace and agility. yet, like ledge does, he tripped her attempting a submission move. ford committed to the fight and refused to tap out despite being held in a nasty arm bar. blood soaked her clothes and ledge as well.  the ring side doc (aka the pastor) called the fight due to excessive blood loss and bodily injuries.

the shirt.....stained with blood of true resilience.

the arm bar resulted in a broken arm that ford now displays with pride.
even matching the cast to her clothing and nail color...such style!

ford refuses to be labeled as 'disabled' even attempting to bowl left handed! (she is right handed)

like a true champion, she refuses to give up her wii bowling pro status so she is using an alias while training as a left handed bowler. 

and she still beats ken!!! 

despite bruising she is still smiling refusing to be a victim to ledge's dirty fighting techniques

ledge refused to comment on the fight. he still fights dirty, finding victims in the most vulnerable situations. so please be aware of ledge and his dirty fighting techniques. should you fall victim to ledge, i hope you remember ford's fighting spirit and fight back with class and style.

for those who don't know, mimi did fall, tripping over a ledge at church.  she remains in good spirits and this was an attempt to add humor to the situation. 
love you mimi!!!