Sunday, July 29, 2012

stagnant yet improving?

sorry it has been awhile since i posted
but my mommy came!
we enjoyed
almost a month of site seeing
we went to salzburg
and sang to the hills
celebrated the 4th of july
 went swimming
we hung around the local area
most importantly 
she and emerson bonded
it was an enjoyable visit!
so what is the latest with 
i've been asked that a few times
we are stagnant
yet improving
 how you ask
is that possible
well the overall size hasn't changed much
it is measuring 1.5x2 on a good day
and 2x2 on a bad day 
(when she won't hold her head still)
the overall clarity and skin definition is so much better
it is growing hair!!
this is a good thing!
this means the skin underneath is healthy and pushing through
here is the most recent picture
so we patiently wait
for the size to decrease
but rejoice in the improvements we are seeing