Thursday, December 22, 2011

personality from the womb?

is it possible for a child
to show their personality
from the womb?
my answer: yes!
since we've gotten to 'see' our little one
every two weeks 
we've seen some of her habits
and so have the docs
which thankfully they just laugh
for instance
when trying to get a heart beat 
lower than 170
she wouldn't cooperate
she kept kicking the wand
which we could hear
and moving about
and when she's moving 
her heartbeat stays at 170
after about 10 minutes
she finally calmed down for about a minute
and we got a "good"
but you guessed it
she kicked the wand again and started moving
the doc just laughed and said
"she's going to be an athlete"
when it comes to our dogs
she's already made her choice
when maik lays his head on my belly
as he is doing so here
she kicks till he moves
when admiral leans on my belly
or puts his head on it
or spoons with it
she is calm
no kicking at all!
she pushes her hand in front of ultrasound wands
she moves all the time
to the point the docs say
"oh i remember this baby" 
when they try do an ultrasound
despite all these quirks
that we've started to notice
she is ours!
and she is healthy
and happy
measuring bigger 
14 days!!!
than she should be
which is excellent due to my condition
we are no longer on 2 week checks at the ob!!
but will be seen every 4 from radiology 
to make sure she has room to grow
are considered "normal" for now!!!!
i hope she is as feisty in my arms
as she is in the womb
i hope she leaves a blazing trail
people know when she's coming
and when she's been there
she's spunky
and strong
and for our little girl
i couldn't ask for better qualities!
24 weeks measuring 26!

merry christmas!
from all of us
including the spunky one in the womb!

Monday, December 5, 2011

admiral and maik meet baby

this weekend
some friends
graciously let us "borrow" 
their 13 month old
under their supervision of course
to determine how our four legged kiddos
would do with a child
they have never been introduced to one before!
maik's reaction
was priceless
i really wish i would have had my camera ready
maik and baby met at a corner
maik stopped stared at baby
eyes big
baby stopped and stared at maik
eyes big
maik hid behind me
baby found mom
then maik
retreated to his crate for the rest of the night
admiral on the other hand loved every minute of baby time
if baby would cry
admiral was there licking him till he either stopped crying
or cried some more
admiral even shared his bone!
and allowed all "petting" from baby

but my favorite pic of all
 is this one

watching admiral and baby
makes me even more excited for our little one 
to meet our four legged kiddos 
and for them
to meet her!

a huge thank you to our friends
who so graciously let us "borrow" 
their son!

smooth sailing so far!!

so about two months ago
give or take a month
i posted 
to be a good support for others like
i failed!
i didn't mean to....
i can provide you with a list of excuses
1) internet in italy sucks 
2) i've been busy
3) i went stateside for almost a month
wait this one negates the number one
and the bad internet
but honestly
there is no excuse
i have been so fortunate
that even though i'm 
"high risk"
this pregnancy has been so smooth
i'm going every two weeks for ultrasounds
and every time
we get excellent news
we've watched our little one grow 
thanks to the many ultrasounds
so thank you for the continued support
and prayers
it is because of the prayers
that this has been easier than expected
we did find out
we are having a girl!
she is already adorable!!!

she is a mover and a shaker
she is measuring quite large for her age
i've been feeling her move 
since sixteen weeks!!!

we are so blessed 
to have the support, love, and prayers 
from friends and family!
thank you all!!