Friday, December 21, 2012

friday fun fact: chicken noodle soup

in our household
we’ve all been a little under the weather
well except for the little one
she has found herself under the tree 
digging for presents
so last night i made chicken noodle soup
i heard a rumor
that chicken noodle soup could actually cure a cold
i did some very laxed research
and found this article
it’s true
well at least according to the university of nebraska study
people do feel better after chicken noodle soup
remember this
the next time you are feeling a little under the weather
make some chicken noodle soup
(even the canned soup was effective!)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

thankful thursday:happy birthday honey!

we celebrated
my husband’s birthday
i am so thankful
we get to celebrate
his birthday
another year
for those who don’t know myhusband
he is a man
who is selfless
and caring
his squadron had their holiday party
he volunteered to do child care
with me and the breastfeeding support group
all you can drink wine
a nice restaurant
and a night out with his colleagues
one of the many times
i have thought
“how did i get so lucky
that he chose me”
so today
i am so thankful
for him
for him loving me

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

eat clean: cauliflower and kale soup!

we are trying to
“eat clean”
eat healthier
we’ve been at this for about a month now
and i have posted pictures
of some of my food (re)creations
on my
facebook page
but the other day
who is my facebook friend
if i had pinned the recipes
because she wanted to try them
(i say recreate because most are recipes that i modify)
so tonight
it’s a cauliflower and kale soup
inspired by dr. furnham's
my husband frowned initially 
honestly i kinda did too....
my oh my!!
it is a do again!
without further adieu
let's get started
a 3-4 sliced carrots
a cup of celery
and a head of cauliflower separated into florets
2 cups of carrot juice
4 cups of water
some ms. dash’s
(about 2 tablespoons)
a dash of nutmeg
simmer until tender
for me this was about 20 minutes

while this mixture is simmering steam
4-5 cups of kale
i steamed mine in the microwave
so easy!
i put a little lemon juice on the shredded kale
covered the bowl with a paper towel
then set the timer for 4 minutes
also check on your little one
why hello cutie!
after your ‘soup’ mixture is tender
take a cup of raw cashews
raw cashews are hard to find
especially overseas
so i found the ‘healthiest’ alternative
in the commissary
the only ingredients are cashews and salt
put the cashews in a blender
add most of the soup mix
then blend till smooth
once smooth
add the smooth soup
back to the liquid soup
or what’s left
mix together
top with kale
mix some more
let cool a little
and voila
it is simply tasty!

and it’s only 175 calories per cup!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

a letter to my sister

A letter to my sister
Dear sister
Through the years we’ve had our fun
We’ve had our struggles
And one could compare a sister relationship
To a marriage
There are days when you want to kill each other
Then there are days when you don’t know how you function without the other
You sister
Are about to enter a marriage
One in which the slipper won’t always fit
The ring doesn’t always sparkle
And your partner
Like your sister has
Will disappoint you
I hope you forgive him
Without reason
Without stipulation
Without consequences
Without an apology
Maybe once you learn this type of forgiveness
You will see how much I do love you
Despite our differences
Despite our arguments
How I have forgivien you
Without reason
Without stipulation
Without an apology
I have loved you
Through the pain
Through the hurt
Through the words
You have spoke
One day sister
I hope you feel this love
But until then
I know any apology I provide
Will never be good enough
I only offer you a sincere
And I pray your marriage is filled
With love
Many many smiles
Remember to love without reason
Without stipulation
And accept your partner
As he is
Because he has accepted you as you are

love you

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

facebook couple pages!

i  heard about
a week or so ago
they know have
so if you are linked to someone
via a relationship
facebook generates a page for you and your loved one
how nice of them
but i couldn’t find that page
until today
go to your facebook page
type in the url
there is your couple page
sorry honey
it’s officially official
after almost 9 years of marriage
we are really in a relationship
because facebook says so
and it is never official
until it is on facebook
and because it is december
i love christmas
a picture of our daughter 

 discovering the tree for the first time!

love love from aviano

Sunday, December 2, 2012

happy december

it is december 1st!
Christmas is just around the corner!!
to kick off one of my favorite times of the year
i decided to share some pictures
from our most recent trip to
Vienna’s Christmas markets.
we went to four different markets in Vienna.
all were simply charming
and unique to their own theme
because i am running out the door
to a
welcome home/see ya later/happy thanksgiving dinner
i will have to share with you the different markets later
 happy december

Thursday, November 29, 2012

thankful thursday: tune in radio

 many of us love the holiday season
i am one of them
one of my favorite parts of the season
is the Christmas music
back home
plays Christmas music 24/7
from the day after Thanksgiving
the day after Christmas
it makes my heart happy
here in italy
they don’t believe in 24/7 Christmas music
they have no idea what they are missing
if it wasn’t for my iphone

i would be a grinch

during this holiday season
so thank you
tune in radio
magic 104.1
for keeping my heart full of Christmas cheer!!

what is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Monday, November 26, 2012

hemangioma 7 months in...

inspired by a friend
who’s friend
found my blog on emmi’s hemangioma
and inspiring
i am giving ya’ll an update!
we’ve been on the propranolol now for 7 months
and we’ve seen such a change
top pic on left 2 week after birth, top pic on right two months old and ulcerated
bottom pic on left 6 months old loving food! bottom pic right today at 9 months 
last month the base got a new dermatologist
and he was impressed
but added a new medication
which is a topical steroid
the side effects of a steroid
are atrophy and reduce swelling
which of course is what we want this hemangioma to do
i’ve done some research on fluocinonide
and reviews are mixed on it’s effectiveness
it isn’t hurting her
so why not try
area measurements of the hemangioma are about the same
on average
it’s barely ‘swollen’
it’s almost flat against her face
the docs keep telling me to be patient
and it appears
this hemangioma is on a five year plan
overall the results are great
 we will continue with therapy
just be patient
hope those who have infants with hemangiomas continue to find hope
and inspiration
in other’s stories

love love from aviano!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

thankful thursday: travel

happy thanksgiving
to celebrate emmi’s first thanksgiving
one would think we’d pile her high chair tray
with turkey pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole
we aren’t
we deserve the good parent award i know
we are running away
to Vienna
pic from {here}
then to slovania
so her first thanksgiving dinner will be brats and apple strudel
i am so excited to see the Christmas markets!
we went to Salzburg last year 
and it was
sparking us to start a new tradition
of seeing different Christmas markets each year
so happy thanksgiving
and may your travels be safe
and you be surrounded by loved ones

love love from aviano

Monday, November 19, 2012

because there was no link....

i found this post on 
but it didn’t have a link
so i thought
why the heck not
it looks simple enough
and it was
prep was easy
especially since i used all prepackaged goods
hey i am not ashamed with a 8 month old
i needs simple and quick
hence why i choose this recipe
line the bottom of your muffin tin with cookies
then add your reesee cups
make your brownie mix according to box directions
then add to the reese/cookie mix
cook time was simple
18 minutes at 350*f
and it comes out looking delicious
but i must have done something wrong
the recipe just sounds good
because the taste was mediocre
getting the brownie cookie mix out of the muffin tin was hard
i let it cool 
but still it was difficult 
and didn’t come out pretty
maybe in the future I will use cupcake tins
the bottom cookie tasted slightly burnt
and the peanut butter didn’t help the burnt taste either
so that is my review
try the recipe for yourself
let me know tips to making it better