Wednesday, August 3, 2011

strike one!

the chasemieseter has a birthday coming up
yay! i love birthdays!!!
he's been gone 
all summer
which means
i've missed him
a lot!
so when the captain 
started talking about his birthday
i was overly eager to help
i volunteered to make the cake
what!? am i crazy!? 
absence makes the heart grow founder
the brain go stupider!
and needless to say
i volunteered to make this cake
a good friend referred me to this picture
to all the supplies i needed
i know
i'm crazy
but i figured 
why not!
so yesterday
i did a "practice cake"
and boy am i glad i did
i elected to go with
duncan hines yellow cake mix
its easy 
its something i can't screw up
so here are my players
and yes there is a glass of wine
don't judge
i'm baking in italy!
to make this cake possible 
i've had to order 
alot from
Wilton Sports Ball Pan Set
this 3d mold
this fondant
Rolled Fondant, 2 Lb White, Buttercream Flavor
in green and blue
let me digress a bit
i've never worked with fondant
frankly after last night 
i don't know if i ever will
but that my friends 
is another story
back to our story
i build my cake
just as the box says
and make another box
for the baseball mold
now the direction say grease the ball molds
until there is no metal shining through
i think i did this job well!
split the batter in between the two ball halves
and place in the oven
these take a long time to bake
about 20-30 minutes longer than the square pans
the top will get brown
before the middle get done
don't worry!
you will be cutting the top off anyway
i found my butter cream frosting 
and doesn't it look delicious!!!
the recipe called for 8 cups of powdered sugar
i did not have 8 cups
so i cut the recipe in half
big mistake!!
i did not have nearly enough icing
but like i said 
it was a practice cake
back to building the cake!!
once your square cakes are done 
this is key!!!
level them
 Wilton Cake Leveler

your cake leveler
this is a simple tool
but a must!!!
take your leveled cake
like so
and frost it
remember i said 
i didn't make enough icing
well notice in these pics....
once you've got one iced
put the other one on top of it
and ice away!
don't forget that baseball in the oven!
pull the halves out and let them cool
i repeat let them cool
this is what happens when you don't
see i told you!
thank goodness i only needed one half!
once it's cooled 
your are going to level the bottom of the ball
which was the top that was browned in the oven
place on top of the cake 
and ice away!
my cake looks rough!
i would NOT serve this at a kiddo's birthday
what i learned from my practice cake is
1) i'm not going to use this much fondant. 
i will probably use graham crackers and butter cream on top
and make it look like a field
or just butter cream like picture
2) i will buy red icing.  i could not get the icing to turn red 
regardless of how much red food coloring i put in
3) did i mention i will make more icing
yep definitely need more
4) i will not start the cake at eight o'clock at night
and finally
less fondant!
it looks rough
it tasted good
i have hope 
that in three weeks
i will not strike out
the chasemiester will have a wonderful birthday!