Friday, September 16, 2011

knock you butt(er) naked brownies!

i have made
courtesy of pioneer woman
many times
and trust me they are delicious!
but tonight
after making them
and having some left over ingredients
and some other ingredients
i decided to be creative
without further adieu 
i present you
"knock you butt(er) naked brownies"
let me explain the butter
i used 
reese peanut butter pieces
in lieu of chocolate chips
pretty creative huh?!?
another change i made:
i used duncan hines
triple chocolate fudge
hershey's chocolate syrup
i'm not craving chocolate or anything!
the steps are exactly like pw's recipe
you will need 
1/2 cup of melted butter
evaporated milk
cake mix
be creative here folks!
then i added just a drizzle of chocolate syrup
mix it all together
put half the batter
in a 9x9 greased pan
pop it in the oven at 350 for 8-10 minutes
while that's cooking
take your caramels
unwrapped of course!
add it to 1/2 cup of evaporated milk
and melt
in a double boiler
once melted pour over your 
half of batter baked mixture
sprinkle your reese's pieces
we just bought halloween candy 
so i used that 
it's not stealing from kids
it's being resourceful!
then add the other half of the batter on top
pop it back in the oven
for 20-25 minutes
let cool
sprinkle with powdered sugar!
knock you butt(er) naked brownies!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

i have a what?!?

i've been wanting to post 
for a long time
my sister was here
then we went back to school
i only had one thing 
i really wanted to post about
i told my husband i would wait...
but it was soooo hard
rewind to august 4
by persuasion from kenneth
i bought a box
peed on a stick
and saw

kenneth bought me these
notice they are non gender specific?
then the doctor 
gave me this 
along with the news
i might be high risk
excuse me?!?
can't you just call me special?
after crying 
for days
and thinking
what was wrong with me
i got more of

and after waiting
what seemed like forever
i found out
that i have a 
they aren't quite sure because 
my uterus has already started to expand
because i got a baby in there!!!!
both conditions happen in only 20-33% of women
and what it means
is my uterus is split
well stop reading
i'm trying to be honest and real
provide support for those who went through
or may be going through
the anxiety driven weeks i've been through
what does this mean for the baby?
it means
i am at a slightly higher risk to deliver preterm
(before 37 weeks)
i more than likely will have a c-section
due to a breech or transverse baby
i will get to see my doc
alot more than any pregnant woman would want to!
but i'm excited about more pictures and more chances to hear my babies heartbeat!
go ahead and dr. google the terms!
it will scare you to death
it did me
try to remain positive
we are!
my baby has a strong heartbeat
fluid levels look great
the doc said overall my pregnancy is looking 
as i always promise to do
and fail multiple times
i will post more
especially since i know i am not the only one who has this condition
i am not considering myself high risk
my favorite ultrasound shot 
because you see the heartbeat too!
keep us in your prayers 
and all my other pregnant friends out there!
that we will welcome 
healthy baby boy
or girl
not much earlier 
april 9, 2011