Saturday, January 29, 2011

foods of aviano part due (italian for two)

because i know you want to see more
and i have to get people over here to see me 
i am not to proud to bribe ya!
here is part two
due in italian
pronounced doo-ay

the foods
wonderful foods of aviano

this was an 'appetizer'
per say
it consisted of melted cheese
and a sponge cake type thing
 filled with spinach artichoke dip

chocolate cake
with chocolate pudding filling
simply stated
decadent on the palate

creme brulee
with raspberries
and cookies

another view

can i have one of each?

and a glass of each
hey at least i'm not asking for a bottle of each.

are you hungry yet?
ready to come see me?

i promise more foods to come
just prepare to drool on your keyboard.

Friday, January 28, 2011

friday fun fact: italian lesson uno (pronounced ooooon)

its been awhile since we've had
friday fun fact
too long if you ask me
maybe not long enough if i'm asking you!

today's friday fun fact
is a brief italian

while studying the language
because i hope in four years 
i will be able to say i'm fluent

i have learned 
the shortest
italian word
 that contains 
all vowels 
and only vowels

pronounced i-u-o-lay

so what does it mean?

flower beds!
which i love by the way!
i found this picture by googling images of flower beds. 
isn't it gorgeous!

so today as
the sun shines in oklahoma
 and its a day you wish it was spring
yes, i check the weather in oklahoma
the sun is shining in aviano
it's quite a bit cooler here than oklahoma

what better way to wish for spring
than to 
dream about

happy friday 

bloghop 2011

hello blizzard bloghop 

currently we are living in tlf 
at good ol' 
aviano ab
i was doubtful i'd be able to post
internet in tlf stinks big time!
in fact i've been trying since 7 aviano time to post this!

we've been in tlf 
since jan 8
and next week
we move
into our
i am 
very very thankful for

i am a simple okie
who likes to make people laugh
and loves
to give hugs

i married my best friend
really, its not a cliche
we have been best friends since the 6th grade
we married seven years ago this march
he is an airman
and i've come to give up 
my 'control freak'
personality trait
all in the name of love
actually because it's the only way to stay sane in the military

we have two wonderful dogs


we are living the american/italian dream
thank you
for stopping by!
please feel free to check in often! 
i love comments!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

thankful thursday...mi casa

i've been hesitant 
to add pictures
didn't want to jinks ourselves
but since the contract is approved
all that's left is to finalize dates
i figure
why the heck not.

on this thankful thursday
i'm so thankful
to have
an italian casa

without further delay
lets start our pictorial tour
of the place i will call home 
for the next four years

first to tease you
our view:
to the left

to the right

directly out our front window.

now for the real stuff
the casa

welcome to our drive:
i love this driveway!

and there she is! 

our patio
where we promised our landlord 
we'd host an american bbq

funny story: we gave away our patio set 
because we never expected to have a patio this large.
to all those who are moving: DO NOT SELL ANYTHING!
wait till you get here!
you never know what you are going to have 
and supplies/stores are limited and pricey!

our yard:
our landlord promises to plant lots and lots of flowers
and i promised i would help!
she said 
va bene!

the dogs will have plenty of room to run! 

ready to go in?!?

our mudroom:
i am very excited about this! 
a place for ken's boots and those dirty paws!

our dining/living whatever we make it room:
this is the room with the VIEW!

our cucina
disclaimer: italian kitchens are NOT big!
and we don't have a dishwasher at this time.
we are looking into putting one in....

a boring hallway.
the only hallway.
but i love the doors.

the first bedroom.
it is the smallest.
notice anything different from american bedrooms?

the second bedroom:
it's a medium size bedroom. 
have you noticed yet?

the main floor bathroom:

the largest of the three bedrooms on the main floor:
have you noticed yet?

let's go downstairs!!
love these stairs!

one side of the stair case:

the other side of the stair case:

the bedroom downstairs:
most likely this will be our master bedroom.
it is the largest.
and it's connected to...

the downstairs bathroom!
which is also the laundry room!

so to sum up our pictorial tour:
the main floor consists of three cameras (bedrooms),
a living/dining room
a toilette (bathroom),
and a cucina (kitchen).
the bottom floor consists of 
one big room that is seperated by the stair case
so it's basically two rooms
 a camera (bedroom),
a toilette (bathroom) and laundry room.

so did you notice
the difference between american bedrooms
and italian??
no closets! a closet counts as a room which means higher tax!

we have plenty of rooms 
in our new house.
which will be yours?
you are always welcomed at our home! 

from budoia!
(that's our town!)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my love affair

meet him.
our new gently used 1999 ford focus
he's great
he has taken us from point a 
to point b
and some sightseeing in between
there was a slight problem
between us though
he was a stick

and i had to get use to that

in my driving experience
 it probably would have been easier to drive on the left side of the road

we went on a few dates
chaperoned of course
you never leave young love/lust unattended 
it could be dangerous

and after the elders
eh-em kenneth
trusted us
we were free 
to be alone
of course we were both nervous 
but you have to try it at least once

it was a day like no other
we went from point a to point b
without any problems
and back again
ok i admit he stalled out once or twice
but he's an old man....

and just when i thought i was falling in love
there she was

his engine wasn't even cooled off yet

she looked rough
covered in dried salt water
but she was here
and she was my automatic!
 suddenly i forgot about him

hello friend!
i wanted to run and hug her
but they wouldn't let me
they insisted they clean her up first
i didn't care. i would have taken her as is.

after a few hours of 
impatiently waiting
she was 'official'
european tags and all

isn't this a beautiful sight!

and we were together

as the nice italian man filled her tank
i spoke sweet nothings into her steering column
i promised to never leave her
to take her wherever i go
and that we would be the best of friends
be-poppin' around italy

i know,
like any good relationship
we will have our fights
and disagreements
but i always have him
in the background
waiting to continue our love affair.

love love love from italy.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I miss..

there are several things
you know you will
miss when you find out your are moving
 you know you will miss family
and various other things.
 i knew that i would miss braum's milk

i knew that i would miss mexican food
(good mexican food)
i knew i would miss Sonic,
more specifically sonic ice.
  i had no idea i would miss fountain drinks.
i miss my dr pepper from the fountain
they have dr pepper here
but it is in a can
and well
that is just not the same.
i miss the click of the cup
when it hits the lever of the dr pepper tab,
watching the cup fill up
guesestimating how close I can get the soda to the top
without it spilling over
 i miss listening to the melody of the fizz carbonated bubbles
and watching the ice dance with the bubbles to the melody

i found this picture online.
 it pretty much describes
what i would look like if i could get a good dr pepper from the fountain.
please ignore the fact she is getting diet dr pepper.

 now don't get me wrong
the bx does have dr pepper in their fountain
but again
it's not the same.
it's more carbonation
less syrup
if you are a dr pepper drinker
you know the importance
 the syrup
so as i get use to the italian way
and enjoy the italian food
(which I am doing!!) 
i must admit
i miss fountain drinks
especially dr pepper
 (if you can figure out how to send me a dr pepper
from sonic 
i will name my first born after you)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

thankful thursday: the captain, chase, and louie

when people heard we would be taking the pups
on our overseas journey
many thought we were
sometimes i thought we were crazy!

then the big day arrived
and of course
so did the hiccups
kinks, bumps in the road, call them what you want
but they came too

the dogs
did fabulous.
even riding with us
in the cabin
from dallas to baltimore

they were quieter than most kiddos on the plane.

and i must say
thank you to american 
they went above and beyond.

baltimore was a little more hectic than dallas
mainly because there is one area 
set up 
for the military flight from baltimore
to ramstein germany
which meant one entire plane
with a lot of luggage 
gathered in one area

the dogs did great
even a chief 
stopped to comment at how well behaved the pups were

back to the point of the story
another hiccup
but in the end  a blessing 
we were delayed
and as i set up camp at the airport
yes, i've shown this picture a hundred times 
but i can't help it
i adore it

we met louie, the captain, and chase
the captain and chase are louie's parents

meet louie
i admit i stole this picture from louie's mom's facebook page
but it captures louie perfectly!

meet the captain
 just going to put a disclaimer,
i stole all the pictures of louie the captain and chase from 

meet chase.

there is something about dog people
we just gravitate towards each other
i am glad we did

ever since the hiccup in germany
we've become friends
we are hoping louie, maik, and admiral become friends as well!

chase and the captain 
some of the best people i know.

they have never hesitated to help
kenneth and i 
during this journey we call pcsing
in fact she shared some of the houses she found with us!
that's how we found our future *keep your fingers crossed* home

people thought we were crazy 
for taking the pups with us
i wouldn't change it for the world
traveling can be chaotic
there is something refreshing
and welcoming
about coming off the plane
and seeing a wagging tail waiting for you
i figure if they can handle it being in a crate
underneath an airplane for 10 plus hours
how bad do i really have it?

traveling with the pups
became a conversation starter
we talked to people
we would have never talked to

we made friends
i am so glad we did

would i travel with the pups again?
most definitely.

so on this thankful thursday
i am not only thankful for my four-paw children
but for the captain, chase, and louie.