about me

i am an okie
born and bred sooner

i married the best man i know
and my best friend
i believe you can never have enough girlfriends
and people are generally good

i believe in the golden rule
there is a reason why it has been around for so long

i love dogs
hence the url being four paw family

i pretend to be a photographer
and welcome any advice on how to be good one

i like the gym
i love zumba
these are some of the zumba gals i love!

why do i blog?
because one day 
i hope to be rich and famous 
just kidding!

i blog  for many reasons
one: i enjoy writing
two: we are military which means we are away from family
and believe it or not not everyone is on facebook
three: i enjoy it

four: i strive to bring a smile to someone's face daily
whether through blogging or face to face

got a question?
please don't hesitate to ask! 
this doesn't mean i will answer it

read on