Monday, January 11, 2016


oh my 
it's been over a year since 
i have blogged....
 so let me do a quick update...
we completed the bipartisian european vacation...
it was everything i hoped it would be.
we pcs'd from italy 

it was all the heart break i imagined it would be
we ended up in colorado
(it is a beautiful state and close to home)
ken left shortly after arriving
to do a remote tour 
thule, greenland
(which should be blogged about but i will do that later)
i unpacked us
found a job
emmi started preschool
i started work
we began this "new" life
we said goodbye to ken's grandmother
we said hello to thule, greenland 
(for a short visit)
we said see ya later...again... 
to ken
we survived with minimal damage 
and now we prepare for our last month without ken
and our last month until we have a 4 year old!
(are 4 year olds still toddlers? 

or are they officially "little" girls? 
it's such an awkward age..
what do we have?)
maybe i will blog more
maybe i won't 
if i document it for all to read
i know that 2016 will be another
for so many reasons
 ken will be home
a home he doesn't know
(because he left 3 weeks after we arrived here
and has only spent 3 weeks midtour here)
we will have to adjust 
to having ken home
and a part of our life
a life we aren't use to having him a part of
so here's to 2016
the possibility of more blogging
i have fast internet
in a short time
a partner
to help with this crazy thing 

love love
from colorado