Thursday, December 13, 2012

a letter to my sister

A letter to my sister
Dear sister
Through the years we’ve had our fun
We’ve had our struggles
And one could compare a sister relationship
To a marriage
There are days when you want to kill each other
Then there are days when you don’t know how you function without the other
You sister
Are about to enter a marriage
One in which the slipper won’t always fit
The ring doesn’t always sparkle
And your partner
Like your sister has
Will disappoint you
I hope you forgive him
Without reason
Without stipulation
Without consequences
Without an apology
Maybe once you learn this type of forgiveness
You will see how much I do love you
Despite our differences
Despite our arguments
How I have forgivien you
Without reason
Without stipulation
Without an apology
I have loved you
Through the pain
Through the hurt
Through the words
You have spoke
One day sister
I hope you feel this love
But until then
I know any apology I provide
Will never be good enough
I only offer you a sincere
And I pray your marriage is filled
With love
Many many smiles
Remember to love without reason
Without stipulation
And accept your partner
As he is
Because he has accepted you as you are

love you

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