Saturday, April 23, 2016

my bladder doesn't care

it's 7:22 and everyone is asleep!

it's a great Saturday morning!!

i am getting caught up on my guilty pleasure of teen mom 2

enjoying a cup of tea

and thinking about the day ahead

and my fb feed is flooded with debates about bathrooms?!?

i'm thinking whaatttt???

i will be honest i've been out of the loop slightly with the bathroom ordeal.....

but a part of me is thinking "IS IT THAT BIG OF A DEAL?"

hold on before you start telling me WHY it is a big deal and pedophiles wanting to get to your child.

before the great bathroom gender debate, pedophiles were getting into bathrooms, gym lockers, etc.  ever since the birth of a camera cell phone we've been subjected to humiliation, sexual exploitation, and ignorance of our photos being taken so to me the issue isn't opening up the bathroom to non-gender specific because let's face it, pedophiles existed before this.....

so now i hear you, this won't help, this will allow more access.....

but here's my point..... pedophiles will get access because that's their drive.... that's their will.... and where there is a will there is a way.

basically, opening up bathrooms to transgender, doesn't scare me or want me to not shop at target
and when you equate that to allowing more pedophiles it just isn't so......

let's take it from a non bathroom, non genital point of view...
prohibition.....did it stop the consumption of
illegal marijuana and other drugs....are we a drug free
limits don't prevent
and while you might not agree with the thought of someone identifying with a gender that they weren't assigned they are still human....treat them as such.....

so i've discussed limits that don't prevent

how about the reality that there are many places in the world that do not even have gender specific bathrooms...... and have a less rate of pedophiles than here in the United States....

i've traveled... a lot.... not as much as some people but enough to see many wonderful sites, experience many different cultures, and come to respect the human and a human despite their background or beliefs

i've been in many situations, with my daughter, where in the next stall was a man because there were no male/female bathrooms
there was just a big room with individualized stalls and it was co-ed

i'm not sure where i am going with this post
except are we really debating bathrooms?
this world is bigger than bathrooms...... and if all you see is a bathroom problem then i want to live in your world of naiveness....

there are bigger battles out there
bigger fears

and frankly, since having a child, my bladder doesn't care if it's a male bathroom or female bathroom....
i've used both because of post pregnancy bladder
and potty training a toddler....
because when you have to go you have to go

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