Monday, December 5, 2011

smooth sailing so far!!

so about two months ago
give or take a month
i posted 
to be a good support for others like
i failed!
i didn't mean to....
i can provide you with a list of excuses
1) internet in italy sucks 
2) i've been busy
3) i went stateside for almost a month
wait this one negates the number one
and the bad internet
but honestly
there is no excuse
i have been so fortunate
that even though i'm 
"high risk"
this pregnancy has been so smooth
i'm going every two weeks for ultrasounds
and every time
we get excellent news
we've watched our little one grow 
thanks to the many ultrasounds
so thank you for the continued support
and prayers
it is because of the prayers
that this has been easier than expected
we did find out
we are having a girl!
she is already adorable!!!

she is a mover and a shaker
she is measuring quite large for her age
i've been feeling her move 
since sixteen weeks!!!

we are so blessed 
to have the support, love, and prayers 
from friends and family!
thank you all!!

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