Monday, December 5, 2011

admiral and maik meet baby

this weekend
some friends
graciously let us "borrow" 
their 13 month old
under their supervision of course
to determine how our four legged kiddos
would do with a child
they have never been introduced to one before!
maik's reaction
was priceless
i really wish i would have had my camera ready
maik and baby met at a corner
maik stopped stared at baby
eyes big
baby stopped and stared at maik
eyes big
maik hid behind me
baby found mom
then maik
retreated to his crate for the rest of the night
admiral on the other hand loved every minute of baby time
if baby would cry
admiral was there licking him till he either stopped crying
or cried some more
admiral even shared his bone!
and allowed all "petting" from baby

but my favorite pic of all
 is this one

watching admiral and baby
makes me even more excited for our little one 
to meet our four legged kiddos 
and for them
to meet her!

a huge thank you to our friends
who so graciously let us "borrow" 
their son!

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