Monday, November 26, 2012

hemangioma 7 months in...

inspired by a friend
who’s friend
found my blog on emmi’s hemangioma
and inspiring
i am giving ya’ll an update!
we’ve been on the propranolol now for 7 months
and we’ve seen such a change
top pic on left 2 week after birth, top pic on right two months old and ulcerated
bottom pic on left 6 months old loving food! bottom pic right today at 9 months 
last month the base got a new dermatologist
and he was impressed
but added a new medication
which is a topical steroid
the side effects of a steroid
are atrophy and reduce swelling
which of course is what we want this hemangioma to do
i’ve done some research on fluocinonide
and reviews are mixed on it’s effectiveness
it isn’t hurting her
so why not try
area measurements of the hemangioma are about the same
on average
it’s barely ‘swollen’
it’s almost flat against her face
the docs keep telling me to be patient
and it appears
this hemangioma is on a five year plan
overall the results are great
 we will continue with therapy
just be patient
hope those who have infants with hemangiomas continue to find hope
and inspiration
in other’s stories

love love from aviano!

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