Sunday, January 8, 2012

we've got funneling!

as an okie
i am very familiar with the term
you will hear it on the news at least three times a week
between the months of march and june
more than not your favorite show
will be interrupted
at least once
with a meteorologist speaking of
funneling activity
in a county that only a true okie could pronounciate
but when the ob
talked about funneling
i was a little taken back
ok i was really taken back
a part of me was waiting on the infamous Gary England
to come across the ultrasound monitor and tell me what county funneling was spotted
turns out your cervix can funnel
this is NOT my funnel this is courtesy of google search
like the funneling
i've been referring to
this type of funneling is not good either
will a tornado touch down in utero
no! but we are definitely now being "watched"
like the thousands of okies that glue to their tv
when storm chasers are trying to get the best shot
of that funnel cloud
so what does a funneling cervix mean?
not quite sure...
lamens terms
i am dilating from the inside out
dr google terms
i am about to deliver a baby
and should seek bed rest immediately!
stay away form dr google please!
the doctors have not put me on bed rest!
we are just back on two week checks for now
making sure this funnel doesn't grow
i knew that i was at risk for preterm labor
the pregnancy has been so easy so far
measurements have been good
baby is measuring three weeks larger than we should be
this is our first real complication
for now i will not worry
and just pretend
Gary England
is giving me a play by play
that i am so use to hearing
every spring
now what county should we call my cervix?


  1. ROFL Your mental image of weather funneling in utero got me rolling! LOL Though it may not be a positive thing, it's good to hear that there are no other complications. :)

  2. Thanks Donnetta! I have to spin some humor on it! :)