Monday, January 30, 2012 one

so the time has come
we had a feeling it would happen
i dreaded it would happen
alas it did
after friday's appointment
the doc 
has put me on 
"modified bedrest"
why you ask?
trust me i screamed this!!
too much amniotic fluid
too weak of cervix
and a really big baby
so what is 
"modified bedrest"
dr google
will give you a lot of information
has a great article
the nuts and bolts 
of it
per the doctor's orders were
"sleep in late, 
take lots of naps,
go to bed early
only about an hour or two out of the house a day" 
my husband's response
"honey, if you played xbox that's some quality xbox time"
secretly i think he wanted the doc to give him 
modified bedrest orders
so he could "support" me
is my first day unsupervised
since hubby is at work
and yes he has already called to check on me 
to make sure i'm following doctor's orders
to be trusted to stay off my feet
so what have i done?
because frankly this is a form of cruel and unusual punishment
first i read....
today's book
   an odd beginning but overall a good book
since we all know how great AFN's line up is
i enjoyed 
a little grey's 
with o'malley!!
yes you heard me right
afn still plays grey's
with o'malley
and who doesn't love o'malley?!?
finished the day off
a nice movie
i'm a sucker for romantic comedies
and jennifer lopez movies
my hour or two free from house arrest
will be spent at bible study
asking God for sanity for the next 7 weeks
i go back to the doc
my hope is that they may revoke 
the "modified bedrest" 
but till then
i will follow doc's orders
enjoy some cuddle time with the pups
read some good books
watch some good movies
truly cherish the one to two hours of freedom a day


  1. Enjoy those two hours, with both of my girls I was on bed rest from 28 weeks on (the first one) and modified bed rest at 20 weeks with my last one, good luck! Don't go too stir crazy!

  2. I miss O'malley :( LOVED the Hunger Games!