Friday, February 3, 2012

horizontal day the parole board

last week 
i was handed this
and i accepted my fate
with little to no apprehension
the past week i've 
laid around,
read some books,
watched some tv
caught up on shreddingf
for the most part
not broke the 1-2 hour rule 
that the docs set in front of me
i had a meeting with 
the parole board
aka the docs
i did my hair 
put on some makeup
even shaved my legs
and for anyone who's been pregnant 
you know shaving your legs in the third trimester 
is nothing less than impressive!
hoping to receive
  and i did!!!!!!
the doc said i could go back to work
but with restrictions
i had to continue to 
'take it easy'
so that marathon i was planning on running
yep not going to happen
seriously you think i wanna run a marathon?!?
no heavy lifting
no vigorous walking
no heavy cleaning
i get to see their smiling faces
twice a week
to continue to monitor
i was elated!!! 
i went to the school 
told the kiddos
who greeted me with a surprise
       get well/take care cards!!!
love those kiddos!!!!
so monday i will go back to work
take it a week at a time!
and take it easy as well!



  1. I have been gone all week on jury duty and my students just want to hug me and set in my lap. The sub said they were perfect. My students perfect??? I guess I need to be gone more often and longer. Miss you!