Thursday, February 2, 2012 4

day four
let me tell you this being on bedrest
as modified as it is
is for the dogs
they seem to be doing better at resting than me
so what have i done
in day 2
and in day 3
to keep me busy
i know you are dying to know
because it is oh so exciting!
remember in 
i mentioned my hour or two of freedom was to be spent at a bible study?
well that didn't happen
maik decided i was better off in bed
and as i was leaning over 
to put on my boot
he jumped on the bed
i am now modeling cover girl's new spring color
"lights out"
i am not a fan of the color 
please don't invest in it
so that brings us to day two
i decide to spend my hour
grocery shopping
yep, exciting i know!!!
day three
this is the good stuff folks
i tackle my mountain of shredding

that i have put off for about a year now
the problem was i kept blowing fuses
another great thing about living oconus
and i am too cheap to buy a 220 shredder
the shredding is done!!!
i feel so accomplished
day 4
i am breaking free!
for an hour or two
and having lunch with a dear friend
and a really smart one year old little girl
i may forget my watch!


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