Friday, May 4, 2012

hemangioma treatment week one!!

yesterday we started treatment on
miss emmi's hemangioma
treatment for now 
will consist of 
twice a day dose of 
weekly weight checks 
blood sugar checks
weight checks because
the dosage is based on weight
blood sugar checks
 a major side effect is low blood sugar
which is a big no no in an infant
when can we expect to see results???
between 3 weeks
14 months
that's a time frame
already though 
after 3 treatments
we've seen some minor changes
one being the color of the hemangioma
the second 
being less spidering around the hemangioma
so i figure we can track the changes together.
here we are at week one
it looks painful
but it isn't
 the medicine made specially for her
they say it's cherry flavor!! 
and a quick review of the growth of her hemangioma
here she is at one month
it's still flat here and we were still under the impression 
it was from the tape used on the ng tube
and here is two months
what a change!!!
but that is very characteristic of an hemangioma
they just bloom over night practically
so weekly we will watch it shrink
and notice the changes together
she is NOT in pain
we are very optimistic that it will heal quickly 
and with minimal scarring!
looking forward to next week's pictures

measurements for this week are 2x2.5 cm and 1 cm deep!
any wages on next week's measurements??

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