Saturday, November 17, 2012

world prematurity day

today is world prematurity day
so to celebrate
another fabulous preemie mom
and i
set up a booth at the bx

we had pamphlets about different issues regarding prematurity
that were donated from various agencies on base
we had purple ribbons for those who wanted to show support
we also had information on our new support group
thanks to the support and help
from some wonderful moms
we now have a  

a bimonthly support group
for families of preemies
and those who have delivered off base
or received care off base for their little one
here is a recent
  about it!
(they refer to me by my maiden name 
because it’s hyphenated on facebook 
and a lot of correspondence was done through facebook!) 
we met so many other families
who had preemies
it was a wonderful afternoon in aviano
emmi discovered balloons!!!

love love from aviano

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