Thursday, May 23, 2013

feet in italy, heart in oklahoma

 As a military spouse you know the feeling of homesick.  
It's a common feeling that you often recognize 
take a deep breath 
swallow the pain 
and continue with your day.
this a different feeling. 
This week
 my home state was devastate by a tornado. 
This  is a feeling of loss, 
and sadness.
 It's a pain that cannot be swallowed. 
In a few short days I will be coming home 
I fear seeing the devastation 
feeling the heartbreak of a state. 
  Places that once held memories are now simply a pile of rubble. 
Many of my friends lost their homes,
 lost years of memories, 
and hard work. 
I have friends that were at work and lost their vehicles.
 All these are material possessions 
even material possessions hold memories and heart felt value.  
My heart aches for the children in the elementary schools
the ones who lost their home. 
Their simple innocent minds 
are forced to understand this complex thing we call Mother Nature 
that even adults sometimes can't fathom.
I lift you up oklahoma in prayer and thought.  
My hands feel tied, my heart is breaking, and I want to be with you.   
I will pray for those who have lost whether it be life or material possessions.
 I will pray for the children
 that they find peace and consistency in the chaos. 
 For the parents 
who area forced to explain this devastation to the children, 
I pray you God gives you wisdom and words to heal your child's heart.
 For the rescue workers, the volunteers, the healthcare workers, 
I pray your hands work swiftly 
that you know the value of your deeds.  
Oklahoma I pray for you. 
This morning my husband summed it up perfectly, "Ok, tornado you messed with Oklahoma.  
But we've been here before. 
we've rebuilt. 
we are pretty resilient" 
my feet are in italy
but my heart is in

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