Monday, May 26, 2014

around my mind in 80 days

in eighty days we will know where we will be come this time next year
while a lot can happen in eighty days 
one thing is for sure
we will have a rip in eighty days to somewhere
how does a planner
like myself deal with the unknown
honestly not very well...
i make up picture collages of what our 'listing' looked like
so without further adieu 
here is where we may be this time next year 
the af likes to keep things pretty specific.....
our first 'notification' may come as early as middle june
if we don't hear anything then
our next 'notification' 
will be the middle of august.

any guesses where we may end up?

  so for now my mind will travel between 
united kingdom, 
colorado springs, 
san antonio, 
and the entire lower forty eight 
playing the "what if we live here" game 
oh and let us not forget the curveball of a remote...
(oy vey)

love love 
from aviano

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