Tuesday, May 27, 2014

milano in a day

this past easter weekend we went to milan!
i was so excited because it was one city in italy 
i didn't see twelve years ago when i visited as a high school senior 
is it possible to go to milan in one day?
but i highly recommend more than one
let's be honest
you need at least a day to shop
we took the train to milan
it's an easy train ride from aviano 
and the most gorgeous site welcomes you when you get off the train

the train station itself!
it is gorgeous
the prettiest train station i've been in so far!
when you exited the train station 
another gorgeous site 
welcomes you
the duomo
the duomo is a key building in milan
it is the fifth largest duomo's in europe
the seat to the archbishop of Milan
 i could write a short paper on the importance of it 
i encourage you to 
but know this
do not miss it!
go inside because inside you will find
 some of the prettiest stain glass i've ever seen
it is at moments like this that i wish i was a better photographer
another look
but i can not take pictures
so to tease you more
**travel tip: while entering the duomo is free
 it cost two euro to take pictures inside the duomo! 
you pay at the booth that greets you when entering**

next to the duomo is the infamous 
aka "the mall" 

where prada and louis are neighbors
swarovski lives across the street
it really is a wonderful world
while in milan 
you must see 
leonardo da vinchi's 
"last supper"
the "last supper" is hidden inside
the ordinary looking church 
in the
refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie 
i was expecting an extremely small painting
similar to the mona lisa
"the last supper"
does not disappoint
it is an extremely large painting
while the tour is brief
(you only get 15 minutes to look at the painting, 
seriously only 15, 
they will kick you out)
the painting is stunning
don't forget to take in
Giovanni Donato da Montorfano 
"The Crucifixion"

more information about "the last supper" can be found

finally we stopped at 

the castle is extremely impressive
it is almost all intact
covers a mass amount of ground

by the time we arrived at the castle
we had a very tired toddler
so we 
didn't venture on the tour
(again why you should do milan in two days not one) 

other highlights of milan
Monte Bloc Gourmet writes a great blog piece about chocolate in milan
read it 
and of course buy some chocolate!!

throughout milan there were wonderful statues and art pieces
below are a few we found
most of the following pictures are straight from my iphone 
so i apologize for quality
since i was totting a toddler i only saw bits and pieces
in between goldfish and juice boxes 
i know very little about what i saw
except it was appeasing to the eye

and finally
the coolest way to order at a mcdonalds yet
 we had never seen something like this before
call us sheltered
but we were thoroughly entertained
such technology

milan was doable in a day 
i recommend
two days
especially if you have a kiddo in tow!

it is a gorgeous city
a perfect combination of
art, history, and modern

love love 
from aviano


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