Friday, August 13, 2010

going to buy me a mercury and cruise it up and down the road...

i admired her from a far.
at the time i was driving a ford focus and she would sit by the service station just smiling at me.
for me, it was love at first site. 

isn't she a beauty.

then she was mine.
may 2007, kenneth surprised me with her in my garage.

today i say goodbye to her and it's the first of many goodbyes for me.
and for those who really know me, you know I don't handle goodbyes well at all!!

so before i hand over the keys, i felt i should share with you a few of the many things i love about her.

keypad entry: a must when you marry a man who is notorious for locking keys in the car

i think we used the keypad entry as often as we put it in drive.

heated seats. :)

even in the summer, the heat felt great on a sore back

the plates are faded. six years ago when i married kenneth this was the first thing i can remember him buying for me. they have been with me since. the new owner requested they stay with the car because she is an air force wife.

air force wife

another sentimental gift kenneth had made. dad, mom, boz, admiral, and sweet bazil (with the halo, waiting for us at the rainbow bridge)

our family

another gift from kenneth when i graduated with my undergrad that will stay with the car. the new owner is an ou alum as well

sooner born and sooner bred

so as i say goodbye to my "perfect" car i know that she is in good hands. her new owner states "it's like the car was made for me" i know that is how i felt when i saw my mariner for the first time.

so glad she was my mercury.

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