Monday, August 16, 2010

there's somethin' women like about a pick-up man

she had always been a thorn in my side.
she cost too much, she was too loud, and she got his attention.
she is my husband's truck.

isn't she swell.....
it was not until the blizzard in 2009 that i truly came to appreciate her, her strength, and her power.

after we were blanketed with inches of snow, she was the only reason we went anywhere.

so below are a few things, besides the 4x4 that i have grown to appreciate about kenneth's "other" woman...


bench front seats. because sometimes a girl has to sit close to her man.


how kenneth has personalized her and what each sticker symbolizes to us.

so tomorrow as we say another goodbye we remember it is just the start to many. we will not own a pick-up in italy. however, kenneth has the 'pick-up man' kind of soul and there is something this woman likes about a 'pick-up man', 

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