Sunday, August 8, 2010

one man's trash is another's treasure

last weekend we began the process of "de-cluttering" before the BIG move by hosting a garage sale.....

 a pic of Kenneth holdin' down the fort per say

as we prepared for our garage sale i began to think about "how did the idea of a garage sale ever come about??" so i began to do a little research....

garage sales are also known as rummage sales, yard sales, moving sales, attic sales, well the list goes on and on....

there is the world's longest garage sale that has it's own website


with the onset of ebay, craigslist, and various other internet 'marketplaces' you can now take your local garage sale inventory and market it world wide!!

although our garage sale was not nearly as large as the 127 Sale  it was a great opportunity to get get rid of some junk and make a little cash!

help a neighbor out and stop the next time you see a garage sale sign! who knows you might just find some treasure!

what treasure have you found at a garage sale?

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