Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello Autobahn....

meet the newest member of our family....
our new volkswagen golf (aka as the rabbit) we call her v-dubbs, betsy, peni (european..get it) frankly we haven't settled on a name yet. suggestions welcomed.

 we sold our american cars and purchased this nice european cruiser. another way we are preparing for a complete change in lifestyle

it is a small family car that was first manufactured in 1974.
it has had many names such as the Rabbit (USA and Canada), the Caribe (Mexico), and the Golf (European)
the golf is Volkswagen's best-selling model and the world's third best-selling model!!

a photo montage of the golf through the years:

the first golf...
  late 80's early 90's

 late 90's early 00's
and the current model 

so why is the golf perfect for us????

*it's a hatchback which means seats fold flat for optimal doggie space
*the golf/rabbit has a long history in my mimi owned two my father owned one, so it is only natural....
*it will fit on the italian road ways nicely...
*did i mention it has a digital read out in km per hour! (no speeding tickets for me! which i am quite proud to say i am 26 and have NEVER received a speeding ticket!)

and we have already started to make it ours! 

so as our departure date gets closer this begins one of many hellos we will encounter on our adventure!

our first picture in our new european ride :)

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