Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday Fun Fact

so it's friday!!!! yippee!!!!!

in honor of friday i am mixing things up a bit with a fun friday fact!

how many of you salt your food prior to tasting it?

 it may just prevent you from getting a job!

seriously...... no joke....

Mr. JC Penney was a man of great character and great vision
 he founded his first store at the age of 26 in 1902

initially, JC Penney, the store, was know as the Golden Store 
(in reference to the Golden Rule)

the man himself Mr. JC Penny

so what does this have to do with salting your food? 

 i am getting there
be patient my friend!

the Golden Store as it was called then, was the first "cash only" store in a time when many stores accepted mining company scripts or offered store credit

now on to the fun fact about salt!

let's say you are looking for a job and apply at Mr. Penney's store
and you land a dinner interview with Mr JC himself! 
(lucky you!!)
you arrive just a little early to a nice quaint restaurant dressed in your best business attire
you are slightly nervous but confident that this is the job for you!
you've rehearsed your pitch and you are ready for this!
Mr. Penney arrives and is excited to here about you and your skills
first though, you must order your food! 
dinner is served and you reach for the salt shaker prior to tasting your food

now consider yourself still unemployed

what? why?

 Mr. Penney believed those who salted prior to tasting were closed minded and not open to new ideas 
he wouldn't hire them

so there is your friday fact! when you go out to dinner tonight think twice about salting prior to tasting!

happy friday everyone!

thank you to my mimi for telling me bedtime stories of Mr. JC Penney and other infamous business folk! this is what you learn when your grandmother is a college professor!

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