Wednesday, October 20, 2010

who is M758???

meet M758 
otherwise known as maik!

maik was whelped/born May 1, 2007 as one of...
ok i will stop with the bs because honestly i have no clue about maik's puppyhood.

below is the story of how maik came into our lives....

kenneth returned to tinker from k9 training in june 2009
awaiting him was a two year old black german shepherd named maik

and it was a match made in k9 world heaven

was i jealous of this four paw creature that spent more time with my husband than me.....

honestly, kinda.....

maik made kenneth so happy

pictures from the 'early days'

jan 2010 deployment training began..... 

welcome to Yuma, Arizona...

hello ft dix!

final destination: now number 2 on "highly traveled" list


they made such a good team!

may 3
to many of us this is a day that will be remembered because of a
to the clinton household it is the day that maik got injured
a ruptured achilles tendon from a freak accident ended the deployment 
and started a five and a half month journey of surgeries, healing, anticipation, worry, and excitement 

maik underwent surgery to repair the achilles tendon.

due to the graphic nature pictures of the surgery available upon request.

remember how i said earlier that maik made kenneth happy
and i was kinda jealous....

july 2010 i found out how happy kenneth made maik
and then i couldn't be jealous....

 the face of a happy dog!


it is not goodbye but see you later!

tomorrow we will fast forward from july to oct 15 and meet maik the civilian dog :)

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