Friday, April 20, 2012

do you breast feed?????

welcome to aviano!
oh you have a baby!
so do you breast feed??

it's a question i have encountered
more than
"how old is your baby"

here at aviano
your nursing cover 
is more in style
than a louis vuitton bag

step one
get a really cool nursing cover
thanks mimi!

step two
have a baby 
(maybe this should be step one but the nursing cover is just really a cool accessory!)
got the baby
isn't she a doll???

now bring out the boob!!!

my baby is a preemie!
the nicu wouldn't let me breast feed
oh no!!!!
maybe i can just wear the really cool nursing cover and hide her underneath
maybe no one will notice

but here at aviano
where breast feeding is the standard
that just won't happen
the lactation consultant
swarms in on me
waves her wand!
don't get me wrong
i love my consultant!
she's awesome
she goes above and beyond 
what i would do
she never gave up on me
offering different ideas
did i mention she breastfed her adopted child!!
yes her adopted child
so i figure if she can do it
so can i!
problem number one:
baby screams at breast...
oh no..
enter laction consultant with wand in hand and
i can proudly say 
that although it took two weeks
two very long weeks
my baby no longer screams at the breast
success number one!

problem number two:
i don't have enough milk
this breast feeding thing can be tiresome
here comes the lactation consultant with her wand!!
the pump

enter a regimented feeding plan

maybe one day we will eliminate the bottle 
but for now
it works
my baby is growing like a weed
impressing the docs with her growth
i can proudly answer
yes i breast feed
it wasn't easy getting to this answer
i know we aren't at a whole hearted yes
and some people would argue i'm not breast feeding 
because she still gets a bottle
but to those negative nancy's
i say hush!
there have been moments
where i wanted to give up
with the support of my husband
my mimi
my lactation consultant
fellow moms here at aviano
and back in oklahoma
emerson and i 
can be in style here 
at aviano
wearing a really cool nursing cover!


  1. Awesome! I'm gonna have to look into that domperidone stuff for my next kiddo. I don't produce at all. Both my kids were formula babies. But I didn't have a Dr attentive enough to address my concern with it either. With our next baby we are using a midwife so hopefully I will get some answers when its time for the next one. Glad you are getting the support and help you need!!! It is a very frustrating time! Good luck!

  2. Congrats on the beautiful daughter! (Love the onesie!) I'm so glad that you have an awesome lactation consultant and help at home and support. I'm so glad that you've stuck with it too. :) You will be so glad that you did! :D

  3. Elizabeth TroncsooApril 20, 2012 at 6:52 AM

    Ya! I am glad you were able to use the pump! I wish I had more support with Christopher, it would of helped me not give up on the 2 second. I had a lot of negative response to it with him and Isabella had a broken collar bone so we stopped early with her and with Nicholas, he was champ until I went back to work at 2.5 months. Fenugreek worked for me~ :D

  4. That is so awesome! kudos to you for toughing it out. When i had my daughter i thought that I would just automatically breastfeed no problem. I had no idea how hard it would be. It took me a while to get it right too ... the mother's milk tea, pumping, those silicone nipple saver things and lots of tears and determination. It's just so hard when babies are so small. My daughter was barley 5 lbs and my 1 boob probablly bigger than her whole body and twice her weight lol.

    anyway what I meant to say after talkin so much about myself is GO YOU! ANd those nursing covers are pretty dang cool

  5. Go you go you! You are totally right about it being more important than your LV. Emerson is beautiful and congrats on successfully BFing!