Monday, April 23, 2012

what's that on her face?!?!?: a lesson in infant dermatology

there isn't a day that goes by
that someone doesn't ask
"what's that on her face?"
a part of me wants to reply
"what on her face? i don't see anything"
then the nice person
the not rude person
wants to take the opportunity to educate
and inform
the questioning person 
of her birthmark
known as a hemangioma
are birthmarks
that are more likely 
to occur in
who are premature
hello emerson!
at birth they usually aren't visible
but about 2-4 weeks after birth they become apparent
which in her case
we thought it was from the tape of the ng tube
but within a week or so after that it became bigger

and a week after that even bigger

and today it's even bigger

(happy two months sweetie!!!)
but they
tell me this is normal
and that the birthmark will go away on its own
there are 
ranging from
beta blockers
laser surgery
surgical removal
because her spot
close to her eye
more than likely we will treat it 
we meet with the dermatologist
this week
to determine a treatment plan

her spot will
most likely
go away
with or without treatment

so there is your lesson in infant dermatology!
happy monday
happy 2 months to our sweet emmi!


  1. Well she is still just so beautiful!! It does look like it might hurt though so I hope it is not painful for her! Good luck at the dermo!!!

  2. Aww one too many people asked huh? It looks like it might hurt but I doubt it. Good luck at the dermatologist!