Monday, November 1, 2010

where is boz?

i have hesitated for a few weeks to write this blog...
reality just stinks sometimes....

when a girl turns 18 she is given a few new freedoms
she can register to vote
buy tobacco products
buy adult material 
sign a lease or any other legal agreement
adopt an animal from the local animal shelter

march 2, 2002 i turned 18.
i registered to vote
didn't buy tobacco products or adult material
didn't enter a legal agreement of any kind
and i did adopt a dog from the Norman Animal Shelter

meet boz.

this is him shortly after i got him.

boz and i bonded instantly.  
he wasn't available the day i went to the pound
his owners still had 25 hours to 'claim' him.
it wasn't 24 hours it was 25, trust me on this one

the next day i came back
an hour before he was available
and waited.
i was determined to take him home.

over the years i learned a few things about boz

1) he is afraid of cameras

i have hundreds of pictures of him walking away from the camera
or turning his head.

2) he is very good at raising puppies

admiral and boz

3) he loves to cuddle

bazil, boz, and me 2008

boz and katen 

despite their rocky relationship he even cuddles with kenneth

so where is boz now?

most of you know boz was not cleared to make the journey with us to italy
and our families were not able to take him
so i began the hunt for a new home for boz
by far the hardest goodbye to date

it was friday oct 15
maik was coming home
my mimi planned on taking boz for the week 
we wanted to introduce maik to one dog at a time

time was 3:30
yes i remember the time
i was getting my physical at work
the nurse asked how things were going with the move
i began the laundry list of things left to do
motorcycle, house, dog

she wanted an older dog
a dog that would get along with her one year old boy
i offered to let her try boz out for a weekend

she responded, 
"sure, i will come by after work today."

wait, today
like in an hour
my heart dropped, 
did flip flops, 
enter whatever cliche you want to use to describe an "oh crap" moment

so boz left that friday
and hasn't come back

it really has been a blessing
God really does work in all aspects of our lives
even finding homes for our four legged kiddos

with the chaos and adjustment of getting use to maik
admiral didn't have to grieve the loss of boz
and i didn't have the time to sit and cry

have i cried?
but not like i would if maik wouldn't have been here
requiring so much attention and time

finally my favorite thing about boz:

his smile!

miss him but know he is in a good home....


  1. Now you know what a mother feels like when their daughters move away. You made a hard decission but a good one. I love you! Momma

  2. :( I so wish I could have taken him. Peyton would've loved him to pieces. I'm glad he's in a good home though.