Monday, July 25, 2011

cowboy leftovers to pasta cuisine

last night i made 
it's a great reciepe
and i highly recommend it
and i had some of the 
meat mixture
left over
i didn't want calazone
and didn't want to throw out the meat
i thought
and thought
opened my cabinets
to see what 
if any groceries i had
today is the must go grocery shopping
or starve to death day
i saw this
  and thought
"hmmm... backed penne with cowboy calazone meat mixture..
why not"
i cooked the pasta
you know
boil water, add pasta, cook 8-10 minutes, drain water
if i can make pasta without looking at directions
so can you
used my 8x8 pan
you can use a 9x13 but
i didn't have that much meat to cover a 9x13 
layer it
meat, noodles, meat, noodles, etc
top with parmasean
and shredded mozzarella
place it in the oven
i did 350*F for 20 minutes
you have a new dish
made with leftovers
it wasn't half bad either!
i would definitely make it again if i had left overs from cowboy calazones     



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