Monday, July 11, 2011

mail call!!!

you get the piece of paper in your mailbox 
that says
"please go pick up your parcel"
actually it's quite rude and says
"first notice"
you anxiously wait in line
with all the other hopefuls
you check facebook
you text whoever you think will listen
you do something to make the time go buy
its your turn
you hand your "notice" over
and the mail clerk
slowly walks around
acting like he or she just started yesterday
and you wanna scream
"come on man! get my stuff! don't you know today is my day! i got a package"
then you get not one
but two boxes
and it isn't dog food food!
yes we mail order our dog food
the pups have to have their special food
spoiled yes
and in those boxes
a book!
support the military!
find a military family living overseas,
send them your expired coupons!
all for you!
nothing, nada, zilch for the pups
ok, i admit i am jealous the dogs get more boxes than i do
my dad
sends me boxes routinely!
filled with magazines
tidbits of stuff
to make me feel like i'm still stateside
but today
was clothes
and i need clothes
i was surprised with the bottle of cream soda
from pops
that had the whale in oklahoma on it
we use drive past that whale during family vacations
and the book
this book is hilarious
and just what i needed
after last month!
so thank you daddy
for all the time
and thought
you put into the boxes
they make my life just a little bit easier.

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