Friday, July 29, 2011

time flies when your are having fun

i was leaving work
when kenneth called
and said,
"how do you feel about living in italy?"
it's hard to believe
that it's been a year
i was looking back at some of my old posts
so much has changed in this year
the obvious
i'm in italy
many friends have welcomed {new additions }
to their famileis
we've said goodbye to a {beloved pup }
we've met { new friends }
i've learned a lot about {myself
would i do italy all over again
and i wouldn't change the headaches
the tears
the moments where i felt like i was going crazy
for anything
i've had many 'favorite posts'
over the year
which i've included
for your reading pleasure
happy year of blogging anniversary to me
thank you for reading
tolerating my moments of insanity
moments when i think i can cook
moments when i just feel
like babbling

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