Thursday, July 21, 2011

thankful thursday: it's her birthday!

during our chat this week
she said
"i miss your baking blogs"
wow! really! someone reads them?!
cupcakes make me happy
she loves summer
and these are the perfect summer cupcakes
because i have new kitchen island
just waiting to get dirty!
and because
birthday is today
i tackled a new recipe
first like any good american
cooking in italy
open a bottle of wine!
now we are ready to bake!!
mix your dry ingredients
the flour, baking powder, and salt
set that aside
and whisk four egg whites and buttermilk together
set that aside
prepare your lime zest
yep, the grater still scares me
grate away
then step back and take a moment to smell the aroma in your kitchen
lime smells delicious, fresh, crisp!
now pull out your stand mixer!
i'm going to digress here so bear with me!
or skip down three pictures
pull out my mixer?!?
in italy i have yet to use my stand mixer
mainly because it ain't easy 
and counter space was limited
but now i have a new island!
so i lug out the 2000 watt transformer
it's heavy and ugly
so i usually hide it
i mean who wants to answer the question 
"what's the theme of your kitchen"
"electrical conversion equipment"?
then i found my stand mixer
plugged it in to the transformer
and prayed i didn't blow the breaker
i still have lights after turning it on!
ok back to the cupcakes!
add your sugar and lime zest in the stand mixture 
then blend it together
i used my hands it made my hands smell like lime all day
beat in your butter
 your lime juice
and your lime extract
i could NOT find lime extract at the commissary
so i squeezed some of the lime from the lime zest into the batter
the recipe breaks down how to add in your dry mixture 
and your egg/milk mixture that you set aside
because i'm not good in math
and i become overly anxious
wondering if i added in 1/3 or 1/4 
i just alternated adding in the two different mixtures
a little dry, then a little of the wet, a little more of the dry
well you get the idea
and after it's all combined
it looks something like this
this is where i do the 
"make sure it doesn't kill you"
taste test
really i just like batter
and trust me folks!
this is good batter!!
before you eat all the batter 
remember you have to make cupcakes
so fill those cupcake pans
put it in the good ol' oven at 350 for about 18-20 minutes
or until they look like this
and your kitchen smells heavenly!
while they cool
and trust me you want the cool before you frost them
i tried rushing the frosting bit 
and it melted off the cupcake
i'm impatient i wanted to eat one!
make your frosting
and you get to use your stand mixer again!!
take your chilled heavy whipping cream
whip it with the balloon whisk attachment
until it has a peak
this takes a little while
be patient
then add your sugar
and lime zest
the recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of sugar
i didn't like the consistency of the frosting 
so i 
added another 1/2 tablespoon
and still not pleased
i remembered that
uses powdered sugar a lot in frostings
so i added 1/2 tablespoon
a minute later
i was pleased
then ice your cupcakes
and garnish with more lime zest 
or fresh lime slices
and enjoy.

i will say this
the cupcakes were a little dry for me
this could be baker error
but next time
i might try a stick and a half of butter
i'm not a professional
i'm a trial and error kind of gal
i know anything with butter is usually very moist
so why not try more butter?!

 so for my dear friend
happy birthday
i am so thankful that you are in my life
i wish i was there to enjoy your day with you
i miss you 
and will see you very soon!!!

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  1. Your cupcakes look delicious! I love how you write your blog - very lighthearted and at times quite funny. :) Glad you didn't short circuit the house or anything with your mixer. :)