Sunday, March 20, 2011

purple flowers and pink lemonade

it's beautiful outside
a very welcomed site
due to the amount of 
we had last week
 kenneth was off
it's our anniversary weekend
proved to be key ingrediants
in a wonderful sunday
started with breakfast at 
and when our hopes to play
were crushed
decided to spend a little time with the pups
go hiking
we live at the foothills of a beautiful mountain
why not take advantage?
we set out
the path is littered with leaves
but amongst 
the leaves
and brush
these delicate purple flowers
they speckled the ground
reminding me spring is so close!
i was distracted
by refreshing purple flowers
my oh-so-cute hubby
all of a sudden
bikers came
this is the last of them
as i was trying to recover
from my near hit and run accident
once we came home
we opened all the windows
and the air
was so fresh
you could taste it
worked diligently in the yard
picking up dog's mess
yes, that's dog poop friends
cleaning the mud stains
from our walkway
a nice gift from the rain
our spring planting
and enjoying
a nice glass of
pink lemonade

may ya'll have a blessed sunday

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