Sunday, March 27, 2011

my sunday adventure

ken's working this weekend
the weather is cloudy
not very welcoming
what's a girl to do?
i can only go to the gym so many times
before rumors start flying
i can only read so many books before my eyes hurt
i have no books left to read
i bake
plus i have a new apron thanks to my daddy

today's baking adventure was 
courtesy of
mocha and dark chocolate reese's peanut butter cup
say that two times fast!
trust me you can't once you've taken a bite of them!!
i had to modify this recipe
i could not find dark chocolate anything
on base
and today is sunday
which means almost every store in italy is closed
i used milk chocolate 
here we go!!
the key players:
now doesn't that look delicious! 
chocolate, peanut butter cups, and coffee
first you mix 
the cake batter,
chocolate syrup

oy the chocolate!
3 eggs,
the vegetable oil,
the brewed coffee
after pouring the batter into 
the cupcake pan
take one reese's cup
and place into the cupcake
even with the top of the batter
like so....
when making cupcakes you fill the liner 3/4 full
compensate for the peanut butter cup and only fill about half
otherwise they will spill out 
(trust me it happened to me)
bake at 350 degrees fahrenheit
(or approximately 178.8 celsius)
for about 15-20 minutes
depending on your oven
i use convection so it was closer to 15
while your cupcakes
are becoming
extra delicious
start on your frosting
you should have extra reese's cups
if you can't refrain from eating one
everytime you put one in a cupcake
then buy two 11.5 oz bags
it's very hard to not eat an open reese's peanut butter cup
take the leftover reese's cups
plus your bag of chocolate chips
and mix them together
bring your whipping creme to a boil
then pour onto your chocolate heaven
let it sit
and soften the chocolate
once the chocolate is soft 
mix together till smooth
add your powder sugar
slowly of course!
by now 
your cupcakes should be done
pull those babies out the oven
let cool 
then top
with your chocolate decadence
get them out of the house
give them to friends
your husband's boss 
the stranger walking down the road
just get them out of there!
because you will eat them all!!!

happy sunday y'all!!


  1. Looks awesome and sounds delicious!! How did you get your frosting to look so perfect??

  2. I used a bag and frosting tip... They were sooooooooo good!!

  3. Yum! I would totally love to be that stranger lol I must try this out!