Friday, April 1, 2011

rediscovering myself

i had a life
back in good ol' oklahoma
a life
i was 'settled' in
a life
i enjoyed
very much so i mean look at these faces! 
that's lovin' life!!
and like any happy military wife
i forgot
that we were military
that one day we would move
my life as i knew it then 
would have to start all over again
kenneth had a job
it's the reason we moved
i was given the job
to rediscover myself
it's almost been ninety days since we've been here
and in ninety days
i've not wallowed
i've not pouted
someone should seriously give me a cookie!
i seeked life
even though there were moments
where i secretly thought 
about jumping on the nearest plane out of here
in my short time here
of being submerged into the 'military lifestyle'
i had avoided like the plaque at our previous base
i've met many woman
like me 
have rediscovered themselves
they've reinvented who they are
they've found new loves
new passions
new careers
through it all
a year ago
i would have never seen myself in the classroom
and now
i have found that a classroom 
isn't so bad
today's youth 
while they make me raise my eyebrows
at times
they aren't so bad
that my new life
i might just get use to
although i'm secretly trying to remind myself 
it's only four years
and then i will have to start over
i've come to appreciate 
the mililtary lifestyle
i have a new found respect 
for these women who 
have reinvented themselves
every four years
it's a strength 
that all too often gets overlooked
and the other duties of being a military wife
happy friday y'all
this military wife 
is going to enjoy a good book
a glass of wine
my new lifestyle
has kicked my hiney this week!!

1 comment:

  1. Great post. Four years is somewhat of a long time. With just three I feel as if we have gotten settled traveled and are already preparing for the next adventure. I am glad you have made friends. Friends make it very nice an fun, you might even keep some of these friends for life.

    BTW totally avoided our last base like it was the plaque but then again I was from the local area so no real need to make friends there but yes as I have ventured out to Italy, new friends are always welcome.