Monday, April 18, 2011

how to build a bunny

i accepted the challenge
so today was the day
can i make a cake look like a bunny
kenneth was so excited 
he put most of the cake together
i just took pictures
a bunny needs a stage
a platform
something to sit on
take a box
and foil it
like so
next cut the round cake you made
in half
then you ice it
and smash it together

then stand it up
cut a "v" out for a tail

also a holder for the ears
and then ice
like crazy

do you see the bunny?

a bunny has to have eyes and a nose
use the jellybeans or chocolate eggs 
and now your bunny can see and smell
coat in coconut

a bunny also has to have ears
use construction paper 
i sketched two ears
then cut away
place your ears
 a bunny loves to sit in the grass
it's a favorite past time of his
so take a bag of coconut
and green icing
combine in a bag
and shake
add the grass
and the eggs
jellybeans or chocolate eggs your choice
we did both
scatter the eggs
and alas 
you have a bunny
and i have a very happy husband
happy easter everyone!