Tuesday, April 12, 2011

stillness and bliss

is breathtaking
i've heard rumors of such
but i had to investigate myself
like any good parent to four-pawed creatures
would do 
on a nice weather day
we loaded up the pups
and headed 
about thirty to forty-five minutes up the the road
i am not a fisherman
but i was quite jealous of this man fishing
he looked so relaxed
lake barcis 
can best be described 
as peaceful
i caught myself walking quietly 
so not to disturb the silence
or the ducks
even the ducks had that look in their eye
like "shh.... don't you know this is a quiet place"
another view
even admiral enjoyed the quietness
however he became quite bored with it
the highlight of his trip was the gelato shop
filled with kiddos begging to play with him
admiral and maik were good sports
posing for pictures

and more pictures

i must remind myself maik was trained to attack
don't ask to much from him...
i want to make it known
right here
right now
i've found my retirement home
see that white house
that's it! 
my future home
hey a girl can dream!
after an hour long walk
around the lake
and a hundred or so pictures later
we decided to say 
to lake barcis 
and like any good parent
to our four-legged creatures
watered our pups
and headed to the gelateria!

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