Saturday, April 16, 2011

oh no he didn't!

it's coming up easter
the kennels are having an easter celebration
in which we are to bring food
so kenneth thought it would be a great time 
for me to attempt
because his mother always did
i pondered it
thought sure why not
so when i came home with this

and was super excited to attempt 
to recreate
kenneth's childhood dessert
i was met with
"my mom always made it from scratch"
excuse me?
i responded with
"yea, i bet... she probably made the box and then just told you it was scratch"
he promptly said
"no, i grated the carrots"
well ain't that grand......
at this point my blood was starting to boil
how can i recreate this childhood dessert
and not make it from scratch
it was like
kenneth was challenging me....
i accepted
foolishly and with much pride
never had made a carrot cake
from a box
or from scratch
i found my recipe 
with a title like that how can i not win?
so let the challenge begin!
first you mix 
the flour
the salt
and the cinnamon
in a separate bowl
mix the eggs
vegetable oil
and vanilla
then mix the two
for the fun part
grating the carrots
remember this was kenneth's 
as a kid
i decided to conquer the carrots
by myself 
after ten minutes
and all i had was this
and a battle wound
which i quickly bandaged
kenneth discovered my secret
and decided to help
i was trying to keep it a surprise
but kenneth found me
and desperate
he took right to the carrots
and it multiplied like rabbits
he did it so much better than i could
so you have your two cups of carrots
then add the carrots
the pecans
the coconut
to the mixture
this recipe calls for pineapples
kenneth was firm
no pineapples
pour the mixture into your pie pan
this recipe makes two carrot cakes!
and stick it in the oven
at 350 degrees fahrenheit
for 20-30 minutes
while its baking
start your icing
i didn't use this recipe's icing
i used 
which consists
cream cheese 
mix it 
then beat till smooth
and yes 
i make a mess with powdered sugar
by now 
your cake should be done
pull it out of the oven
and inhale the scrumptious smell!
then you let it cool
remember how i said 
this recipe makes 
two recipes
well we tested one carrot cake
kenneth's response
"good job babe, this is really good"
and that my friends is sorta of a victory
i will assemble the bunny....
this will be the true test
can i recreate his childhood memory?


  1. You should get a super wife award just for attempting! And BLEEDING for your love! Hope it comes out great!

  2. You are a great wife - make sure Kenneth knows that. I would have told mine I wasn't his mom and too bad and then made the box cake!! So glad it turned out great.

  3. Who knew you were a domestic goddess? I thought your ability to read the signs of paranoia in the demented wife of a demented man was amazing! Keep the blog coming. I am delighted you are thriving.

  4. Delicious - Gonzo ;p