Tuesday, April 12, 2011

leaving a piece of us in italy

my husband is a sentimental guy
or he just knows what to say to get what he wants
while at the 
he wanted a tree
or a bush
or a plant
just something
i hesitated for many reasons
i have a black thumb
i pretend to have a green thumb
but honestly
it's black
i had no clue about the soil here
i didn't want to plant something
and two days later
it's dead
refer to reason number one
and lastly
we are only here four years
why put money into something we can't take with us
let me say this
we landscaped our home back in oklahoma less than a year ago
and now we can't enjoy it
yes, i'm bitter
for all the reasons listed
i was set on 
nothing goes in the ground,
potted plants ok, 
they are cheaper 
and easier to keep alive.
but then
he says,
"babe, but what if i want to leave a little bit of us in italy"
oh geeze! the corny lines that make me say
"ok dear, whatever you want"
and now we have this lovely bush
and because when we got home
i realized what i got sucker into
i told him
"i'm not planting it today"
he's still considered "post-op status"
and really shouldn't be digging a hole
he kindly responded,
"no, hurry. 
i don't think we have a shovel."
some things you choose not to move
and a shovel was one of the things
we choose not to move
but alas
he had his mind set on 
planting that darn bush
by george
we did have a shovel
so he went to work
he chose this location because
the dogs tend to run
and wear down the grass
his hopes
is the bush will stop them
and he dug some more
admiral even helped him a little
digging dirt in italy
is hard work
look at the dedication
while digging this hole
we found rocks
lots and lots of rocks
which makes 
a little more difficult
in the end
the bush got planted

please ignore the fact the yard isn't mowed
i'm secretly waiting for kenneth to be no longer post op status 
so he can mow it! 
we will leave a little part of us 
in italia.


  1. That is a very cute idea but you did get suckered lol. There must be an update on how the bush grows...Ms. BlackThumb.

  2. Yes I did get suckered!! I will keep you posted on how it does..... :D