Thursday, April 28, 2011

ten days of nothin'

it's been awhile
almost ten days!
since i've last blogged
frankly tonight
as i sit and stare at my computer
i still don't know what to blog about
in the last ten days
i've accepted a position
that frankly i am not thrilled about
but it's an in
i've worked out 
they say initiation to italy is a "pasta five" 
and i've proudly been initiated to italy
and i've slept
not alot but some
so this positon
is an education aid
for the base school
and my first two days 
i left in tears
i have a degree
two in fact
i am a professional 
i do not respect people who don't treat me as one
but i was hired
for a "paraprofessional"
which means
"treat me like crap please"
it's a gs position
an "in" to the system
so i grin and bear it for 35 more school days
and realize it's not about me
but about this special student
who needs me
working out 
has shed three of the pasta five
i can not lie
i enjoy the food to much to worry about the other two
in fact
i might be tempted to put on the other three
the food here is really good
like really really good
my sleep pattern
is changing
kenneth's schedule is changing
mission first
benadryl second
benadryl=my friend
my way of sleeping
while he tries to be nocturnal
so that is my last ten days
nothing exciting
i told a dear friend of mine 
the honeymoon has ended
we realized 
yes it's italy 
but our american chores
followed us
so we have to be 
responsible adults
darn it

happy wednesday ya'll
now back to my boring italian life
 did i mention i was going to croatia in two weeks


  1. Awwww, this is a bag full of sadness except for your JOB! Great job and landing it even though it's not what you want/expected with two degrees it is the in that you need and it will help you pass these next few years.

    BTW the Benadryl might only be for this year, this is my last year here out of 3 and this is by far the worst for the allergies and asthma.

  2. Para's are AWESOME!!!the teacher you work with is crappy. Without paras teachers could not do their job to the fullest. Hang in there. I actually enjoyed being a para and after being a special ed teacher for 20ish years, I would go back being a para. You are doing great!!! Love ya!!