Friday, April 15, 2011

ray of sunshine

someone once described me as 
"a ray of effin' sunshine"
and i responded
"well thank you"
obviously i do not think this person 
was being sincere
it opened my eyes
do people think i'm this peachy person
that nothing bad happens to them
i have fooled everyone
here's the honest truth:
i cry
 i get angry
i drop expletives here and there
i pout
especially when things don't go my way
i do try to see the good in every situation
but sometimes
i throw pity parties
please do not mistaken me for the white picket fence person
it's not that easy
yes sometimes i fake it
till i make it
just keep swimming...
i am very content in my life
in who i am
and how i got to be who i am
i have no regrets
i believe everything happens for a reason
and it isn't my job to understand that reason
a good friend once told me 
"speak it and it will be true"
it's a simple saying 
but it's helped me in 
turning my view to a positive view
speak positive
life will be positive
speak negative
and you will be miserable
and there is no fun in that
so today
be a ray of sunshine
just try it
fake it
no one will know the difference

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes no matter how positive you are, there are other plans to pull you down and obstacles are throw your way, it's all in how you handle it. Great post.