Monday, May 16, 2011

croatian beauty

mi nonna 
mi cugina
mi zio
are in town
for a holiday
we went to croatia
we left at o'dark thirty
and yes, that's really a time
to begin our adventure

isn't italy beautiful at o'dark thirty?
as the sun decided to warm the day
the scenery became became more breathtaking
this was in slovania i believe
the drive alone was beautiful
but when croatia welcomed us 
 she was exquisite!
we spent about six hours exploring the coastline
and seeing the sights
and more sights
a very unique sight
then there was this fish net
and not just any fish net
a red fish net
with a puppy laying on it!
i've photoshopped this one
to bring out the red
 i could post pictures 
all day long
but venice is calling my name

and i promise to post more about the beautiful croatia later

ciao from aviano!

1 comment:

  1. I just got back from Coratia, myself! We stopped by Debrovnik and Split/Trogir. Your pictures bring back fond memories.