Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the way we go

memorial day
kenneth is off
which is a rare thing: him being off for a holiday
we decided to go
our options:
or beach
the only requirement
must bring dogs!
let me digress
do a little story telling
kenneth is a 
"make his own trail"
type of guy
for example
if we go hiking
and there is a clear trail
he veers left
 whichever way 
looks the most challenging
my fear:
i fear getting lost
and long tunnels but again that's beside the point
his sense of adventure
plus my fear of getting loss
tends to make us 
interesting travel buddies
after seven years though
i've found ways to compromise
select destination
beach it is!
use the gps
i know i just said kenneth is no maps kind of guy
here's the compromise part
choose "point of interest near me"
select "beaches"
and allow kenneth to randomly select one
ok so our first beach ended up being a cliff
but the second was a beach
now why didn't we go to caorle beach
like every other american on memorial day
because folks
that would be kenneth taking the main trail
the marked trail
he doesn't do that
with the help of the gps 
we ended up
a nice quiet beach
with beautiful scenery
this was the pups first time at the beach!
on the way home
we found 
a beautiful winery
kenneth's said 
"lets stop!"
this was a shock 
due to the fact kenneth doesn't drink wine
so we did
after i sampled a few glasses 
we ended up 
leaving with six bottles
which included a 
'becca size bottle of refosco'
continuing our drive home
we found
roman ruins
and in our region 
roman ruins are rare!
the day went perfectly 
as unplanned as it was
maybe one day
we will get to caorle beach
where every other american goes
but for now
i like my husband's sense of adventure
even if it does lead us to a cliff the first time!

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  1. This sounds like the perfect way to spend the day.