Thursday, May 5, 2011

kids say the darnest things (no really they do!)

i know bill cosby 
had a hit show
kids sayin' the darnest things
in my short time 
in the school system
mainly with first and second graders
i've learned 
kids really do say 
the darnest things
i thought i would share
scenario one:
making mother's day cards
me: "oh this is a lovely card! your mother is going to love it"
boy l: "yes and she might even cry"
me: "yes she might. i would cry if my kid gave me this card"
boy l: "your kid should give you a card"
me: "i don't have kids"
boy l: "how old are you?"
me: 27
boy l: "O.M.G you have to have a baby like now! you are so old!"

geeze thanks!
scene two
me: "so your mom is pregnant"
boy t: "ya....i'm having a sister"
me: "that's exciting!!"
boy t: "not really. i wanted a brother"
me: "well you will have to take care of your sister"
boy t: "ya my dad said that. i'm supposed to kick any boy's a$$ that comes near her."

well then....
and finally
scene three:
girl m: "he said nuts!!"
me: "well there are a lot of meanings to nuts. like peanuts or going nuts."
girl m: "um no... my mommy says anytime a boy says nuts its bad.
it means...."
she leans in and whispers in my ear
"that they want to kiss you."
how do i respond to this?

as i collect
some of these wise sayings
i will share...
because we all know
kids say the darnest things!

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