Monday, May 30, 2011

it's bloggable....

this weekend 
was the "wine tour" 
in our region of italia
the captain and i's dd
was working
ehem that would be kenneth
so we elected 
to just pertake in
"fish dinner" 
sponsered by one of our favorite wineries
which shall remain nameless
we thought
we would be served a gourmet 
or at least edible
but we were served
 grits and a collection of fried fish
the captain commented "hey it's bloggable"
we tried a bite
immediately elected 
to leave
and head for
the oseteria we've come to love
where we could be served this
 another view of it's deliciousness
      lesson learned:
just because a winery makes good wine
doesn't mean it makes good food

with full bellies
happy hearts
good night 
from aviano!

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