Thursday, May 5, 2011

thankful thursday: a rose by any other name

let me start by saying
it's been a rough few weeks
getting adjusted to kenneth's new schedule
getting adjusted to my new schedule
experiencing the loss of my family dog
while overseas
she was seventeen and a half
she lived a good life
not being able to be there 
with my family
was hard
when our rose bush started to bloom
i couldn't help but smile
my mom
had rose bushes 
at my childhood home
she adored her rose bushes
and tended to them almost daily 
from spring to summer
i had no idea we had a rose bush
i am so thankful we do
the buds are small right now
and very distinct in color
i check on the roses daily
just as my mom would have
and i've hinted to kenneth
that should he choose to cut a rose for me
to make sure he cuts
below the first stem 
with five leaves
it's something my mom would always say
for now 
i wait patiently
for the buds to open
hoping that by the time 
my mimi gets here next week
i can greet her
with vase of roses
in her room
i'm so thankful
the little surprise
that bring me back to home

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